Braintree Payment Gateway missing

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First, Kudos Michael for being transparent. I certainly appreciate that...but oh man, I've been using Shopify Payments for so long that I've been out of the loop.

I have a client that has an existing Braintree account that wants to move to Shopify and was happy to pay the extra transaction fees to Shopify just to keep that account.

But, let me get this straight. Legitimately, the reason for removing Braintree as an option is because Shopify couldn't come to a deal where they make more money in a rev share with Braintree? But, you're still charging customers that use an external provider an addtional transaction fee? Ayyyyy, I couldn't be more disappointed with Shopify here. Taking money from both ends.

Don't get me wrong, I love Shopify and what you're doing is amazing. I've been a staunch supporter of Shopify since like 2006...but this feels completely contrary to what Shopify originally stood for, doesn't it? I get that you're public now and things change but this is one of the worst things I've heard just from a principle standpoint.

In most cases, I'd say it'd be silly to use anything other than Shopify Payments and that it's worth migrating to it. It's obviously less expensive and integrates with everything beautifully but there are situations where Shopify Payments doesn't suffice and Braintree would be a very viable option. 

So, I guess I'm really curious now. Does Shopify literally get a rev share from all external providers? Paypal? 

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@Conrad: My experience with Shopify has been frustrating dealing with Payment Processors.

Shopify payments is great, but only if you're in a region which supports it. My business would like to migrate to other regions which Shopify payments (nor stripe) are options.

I've had to deal with two processors, which have complained that Shopify is strong arming them on the rev share agreements and nurfing them, else refusing to assist with integrations.

My major complaint with this, is that Shopify already charges us extra percents for not using Shopify payments, but then also requires a revshare on the backend processors, so they are double dipping.

It's been a major issue for our business in dealing with Shopify. IMHO, they should support their merchants, take their additional 1-0.5% they're already charging us, and perform integrations.