Bug/Inconsistency: DHL Shipping called only "Worldwide" during checkout

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Included is an image showing all native Shopify shipping methods from the US to London. 2oz, smallest package, Shopify Plus pricing.

You'll see that all USPS shipping methods are prefixed with either USPS or the name of the shipping product, First Class or Priority Mail

All UPS shipping methods are prefixed with UPS

However, the true oddball is DHL. It is merely called "Worldwide". The actual name of the product is "DHL International". Nobody knows what "Worldwide" is.

This is really bad. I've had people fear this is something like China ePacket.

People really want to know what they're buying. They don't want "mystery meat shipping". Especially at this price!

International people actually tend to LOVE DHL. Much moreso than UPS or FedEx. So it's a bit ridiculous to hide that it's DHL. DHL is reasonably priced for what it is, but it's far too expensive to go unlabeled.

I cannot find "worldwide" in the language editor, so I presume this is something Shopify has to fix. How can we get this bug fixed?

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Shopify does not provide a way to change the name of the shipping service directly. You can report this to Shopify support and i am sure they will correct the feature as it does seem a bit odd to not show the 'DHL' prefix in the service name. Alternatively, you can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app to rename shipping services as per your requirement. 

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