Built-in shipping tools...any plans for other carriers?

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I just had CanadaPost badly mangle a package of mine sent through my Shopify store and they are denying the claim, blaming it on my packaging.  I've shipped hundereds of similar boxes through them.

I'd like to look at other shipping options but have really been enjoying the simple flow of the built-in tools.  I know there are other Shopify apps that handle shipping but they are a paid-for app and my volumes don't warrant the budget for these other apps (and they are overkill for my needs).

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, there!

Trevor the Guru here. 

For built-in tools for live shipping rates, and shipping labels, Canada Post is currently the only free option available.

You could consider removing Canada Post live rates, and entering in manual rates into your store and ship with another provider like Fedex/UPS! However, this would require printing your labels at either the post office or through an app that offers discounted rates. Some great examples of apps that do this would be Shippo or Shipstation!

Shopify does offer Fedex/UPS live rates at checkout, however, these do come at an additional cost. You can add these rates for $20/mo, or free if you pay for your Shopify plan annually which also saves you 10% on your plan! Bare in mind using this option would still require you to purchase the labels outside of Shopify. 

Feel free to respond, or reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

I hope this helps!

Trevor M

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For built in shipping in Shopify, the options available are Canada Post, USPS. If you are looking for solutions other than these, FedEx/UPS would be a good option like Peter have mentioned. Shopify offers live rates at checkout at additional cost and you can use an app like the FedEx shipping app which would help you print labels and handle tracking in case of FedEx. Also, you need not worry about packaging process as the app automates packing process as well.

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If it is about flow of shipping solution, the Multi Carrier Shipping label app is the right choice for you. The advantage here is that you get to use multiple carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, etc with it. And as for charges, something as small as $9 for an app that takes care of your complete shipping should be okay?