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I am just getting started with Shopify and am wondering if it will work for our model. We'd like to allow customers to 'buy' products online, but have them pay for and pick them up in a retail store in person. I'm thinking it should be easy, since we're eliminating the shipping and credit card entry steps...but I can't seem to figure out exactly how this could be implemented, nor can I find an app that seems to apply. Any advice appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hi Anna,

Meghan here with the Shopify Guru team.

I can help you set that up in your Shopify Store. It sounds like you are looking for all your purchases to work this way, so here is how I suggest you set it up:

First of all, you will want to create a custom payment method. Many people call this method Cash on Delivery though you can name it what you'd like. You can also add payment instructions so that your customer has some additional information on the Thank-you page, once they have completed their order. Here is the doc with full explanations:

Then, you will want to ensure your products are set to not require shipping. This way, the second page of the checkout asking for Shipping Information will be bypassed. Instructions are here:

And this is a screenshot of a product page, showing where to uncheck "This product requires shipping:" 

Once you have this set up, your customer will have a 2-page checkout. The first page will prompt them for their personal information, and the second page will allow them to select "Complete Order." As long as there is only the 1 payment method, it will be the only option for them to use.

I hope this information helps and do reach out if you have any other questions!

All the best,

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I hope you can assist me.


I am a bit confused about this 'cash on delivery'.


I would like to give local customers the option to purchase online and then the product can be either picked up from my home studio or I will deliver it to them (eg. a friend buying from my store) and they pay me in cash (without having to pay shipping costs).


The problem is this. If I incorporate shipping costs within the product page and a person selects 'cash on delivery', will this shipping cost be added to the 'cash on delivery' total? Or can I eliminate the shipping cost when someone selects 'cash on delivery'?


Also, what happens if an international buyer selects 'cash on delivery' because they simply don't want to pay shipping costs?


Sorry if my questions seem silly. I just want to give the option for locals to purchase my products online but select to pick up and pay on delivery (without paying shipping).


Thanks for your assistance.