Buy X Get Free Shipping

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I've been reading around many discussion, but can't find the answer to this simple thing I want to set up. I'd prefer not to subscribe to any apps as this is 1 simple feature I need. Shopify admin feature almost offers this.


I just want to set up when a customer buys 3 or more products from certain collections they get free express shipping. I'd like to automate this, but if entering code is the the only option that'll work too.


For now I have created a code that will offer free express shipping and once entered at checkout the express shipping option becomes free. However, this applies to all collections and I can't offer express shipping for all products. 

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Looking for the same. This should not be a big problem to implement this feature.

Would be awesome to create this little feature Shopify :)



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Has this been resolved? I’m looking to add a “buy x get free shipping” as in 

add “x” to purchase and get free shipping or receive free shipping with purchase of “x”

have not had much luck finding the answer to this yet!