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Manual payment will not work my industry understand that or don't. I asked friend familiar co-worker and potential customer via pos they do not trust manual payment methods. Sezzle as well they did not trust to buy from because they never heard of it. I don't have cbd , hemp , cannabis , food , ingestible , or tobacco in my store. The you can keep naming that same providers I tried they either said no or didn't respond EMB sent me to a thrid party with high fees that will kill any low volume store
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The most frustrating part is seeing the term "high risk" on all of these merchant sites that will apparently work with "CBD" companies - for crying out loud there are cannabinoids and terpenes in the fruit and vegetables we eat everyday - it would take a larger volume, but you could literally extract CBD from any other produce as well...it's all about greed and lack of education and research - and the powers that keep it that way - effin ridiculous!

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Honestly at this point I think it's just a advertisement. Don't expect any luck especially with a new business that isn't open yet. I went/ still going through this now

Sorry JAH5,


You are incorrect my friend. Manual Payment methods do work if your web developer knows what he or she is doing. For example, https://vapordna.com


You are looking a successful merchant selling a wide variety of CBD oils, topicals, CBD-infused edibles, drinks... you name it. They do it in a manner that complies with Shopify policy. They listed to expert advise, followed instruction and now they're enjoying success.


The most effective manual integration method should include writing the HTML, JavaScript and API code instructions directly into your Shopify theme AND in the checkout page settings where it asks you to enter "additional scripts".  That's the key.


This is how 'Buy Now' buttons are made visible. If you don't know how to do this then hire a Shopify partner/developer to do it for you.


I'm not here to debate, but offer solutions. I am a certified full-stack developer and expert coder. For the last 17 years this has been my line of work. If you need help, that's what we're here for.


Happy Selling,

Kevin James

Kevin James
Expert Web Developer & Shopify Partner
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Congratulations . I don't think u read my post.
Let's clarify
1. I'm solo in all this I have no team or staff. Like I could afford one.
2. I'm not a coder , how do expect someone to know what you know? Simple telling someone to "add Google pay as a manual payment" isn't helping them t b
3. What makes you think people have coding teams or w.e because most don't. Should assume start by asking
4. I didn't say they couldn't be added to a store I said they won't work with my industry
5. IF THE CUSTOMER doesn't trust they don't trust plain as day. I'm debating with no one you got your facts I got mine that simple

Like sezzle(they accept all cards) I have merchant account with and it's all set up to go doesn't matter when the potential customer I talked said they don't trust sezzle payment's

Adding them doesn't matter I take crytpos as well customer don't even use it but it's their

Hi JAH5,


I sincerely apologize if something I wrote frustrated you.


I did read your previous statements. It's obvious that you're experiencing some frustration. Your opinion on a technical deliverable was incorrect. I did not mean to offend you by sharing ways to fix the problem. That's all I'm trying to do. 


  1. I've already posted a link to an actual Shopify merchant where CBD oils, tinctures CBD gummies, hemp-flower and much more are being sold. [As long as you comply with Shopify policy and card brand requirements your needs can be met].
  2. Here is another example of a merchant's website where CBD is sold.

This particular merchant applied for credit card processing on a Thursday and got activated the very next day. Again, as long as your website complies with Shopify's Payments Policy and card brand requirements --- there are solutions that can take your website live in 24 hours.

Proof of deliverables - CBD friendly payment processing by KJ Proweb.png


Decide what you want to do. Help is available.


Happy Selling,

Kevin James

Shopify Approved Partner | Full-Stack Developer


Kevin James
Expert Web Developer & Shopify Partner
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Okay for one you do realize I was the one who accept your original post as possible resolution to being with and again since you don't read I don't even sell CBD why do you keep doing this how about you @ your resolution to the one who are trying to sell cbd .knowing I'm not selling cbd I even help someone you should of helped by telling them they must only sell cbd products. because the bank won't allow it to be sold on the same siteat all as I even stated to you in the original solution you first gave that I found other solution that work that wasn't manual payment again. This post is for merchant solution. And merchant help as most of are having negative experience with them and no one is explaining..... Not Shopify itself....



Calm down my friend. You don't have an enemy here. It seems like I'm getting my head chewed off for actually giving you the solution that would solve the problem.


Since I don't read (according to you), I'll pretend that I didn't read your December 5, 2019 post where you wrote;


"...my store was denied for having plant based resin incense not related to hemp ,cbd or cannabis." [End quote]


Plant-based resin incense are a high-risk product regulated by laws in certain states.


Direct-burning incense (or "combustible incense") sold with the intention of being lit by fire, inhaled, or creates smoke for recreational purposes, etc.,  will require that you find an ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT PROCESSOR or use a 'MANUAL PAYMENT PROCESSING solution as I recommended.


There are plenty of Shopify approved partners & expert developers that write API code. You could be up and running in 48 hours.


Good luck,

Kevin James




Kevin James
Expert Web Developer & Shopify Partner
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Kevin, could  you please reach out to me about the CBD merchant accounts?  I have some questions and would love to set something up.





Kevins Google Pay solution is a fantastic option for brand new startups, who cannot afford monthly gateway fees. His solution has helped a lot of CBD merchants get on-board, especially when Elavon dropped the ball.


With that, I just wanted to update sellers who are looking for viable and approved by Shopify solution, that is working, and is domestic (no hot desk or offshore).


Option 1: CBD Domestic Program (VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX) (Take payments in 3-7 Business Day)

Payment solutions for all CBD payment types: In-Person, Online, & Mobile

Products Approved: Hemp-Derived Flower, CBD Oils & Tinctures (Human), CBD Oils & Tinctures (Pets), CBD Topical Creams, CBD Salves and Rubs, CBD Gummies, CBD Beverages, CBD Vapes, CBD Terpenes, CBD Infused Skincare & Beauty Products, CBD Capsules, CBD Bath Bombs

Domestic Banks: Two Sponsoring Banks

Online & Mobile Rates: 4.95% Flat + $.25 cents per transaction. Retail Rates: 3.95% Flat + $.25 cents per transaction.

New start-up businesses accepted: Business must be 3 months older + 3-month average bank volume greater than $2500

Individual MID (Says your name on receipt/card statement)


We can pre-vetting your business by sending an online questionnaire and underwriting has been getting back to us in 24 hours with feedback. 


Option 2: EMB Pinwheel Gateway Integration With Square (Take payments in 60+ Days)


  • Online: 4.25% Flat + $.30 cents per transaction.
  • Retail: 3.9% + $.10 per transaction
  • Pinwheel Gateway (1-2% + $.20)
  • Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover Card accepted from your customers
  • 24-48hr deposit and availability of funds
  • New start-up businesses accepted – must process over $10,000 in 60 days or get shut down
  • No previous merchant processing history required
  • No 'rolling reserve' hold on funds and fear of getting shut down.
  • Square MID (Says square on customer receipt/Credit Statement)
  • Annual Max 


There are other third-party solutions that work by using a Shopify Approved 3-Party Integration software, which requires additional monthly fees.


And, if you are looking to understand the complexity of the merchant space, check out this article on Medium that explains 6 obstacles processors struggle with.



IntegrityPay / Versus

Shopify Partner


IntegrityPay, Expert Web Developer, High-Risk Processor, CBD Consultant, Merchant Processor, & Shopify Partner
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