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what is the cost?  and does this policy/rule apply for shopify stores that are ONLY selling cannabis accessories (bongs, grinders, clothing with bongs or weed pictures on it) No cbd or hemp no cannabis, no oils etc. will be on the site.


Hi Headshop9,


The products that you sell do fall under a prohibited category. The merchandise is considered drug paraphernalia. Due to federal or state regulations pertaining to that merchandise some credit card processing companies avoid providing service.


Refer to Shopify's Payments Policy as found here; https://www.shopify.com/legal/terms-payments-us

It reads; ['Products or services that are otherwise prohibited by our financial partners. *Drug paraphernalia; any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers and hookahs'.]


1. Comply with the Shopify Payments Policy - which includes publishing any required policy pages. *Example; Returns & Refunds Policy, Shipping & Delivery Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions of Use Policy, and any necessary legal disclaimers.
2. Under no circumstances activate Shopify Payments when choosing a payment processor. This is the biggest mistake we find that merchants make in 9 out of 10 cases where their website gets flagged as troublesome.
3. Find an Alternative Payment Processor that supports credit card processing for the products that you sell OR hire a developer who knows how to write API code to manually integrate a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) credit card acceptance solution into your website.
The price may vary depending on the legal condition of your website. Meaning, if you do not have the required policy pages published nor a payment gateway, a developer may have produce all of that content for you BEFORE even doing the coding work. Without that content your website would be at risk of getting flagged or shut down for violation of terms and conditions of use.
Expect to pay an average market price of $400 to $600 to get properly set up. There are no monthly fees or recurring fees involved.
Depending on the payment processor used, Google Pay and Apple Pay for example, there are no transaction fees or discount rates whatsoever. They do not deduct anything out of your transactions. If you have a $250.00 sale; exactly $250.00 settles in your bank account. The small investment to get real credit card acceptance integrated into your website is well worth it in the long run.
Happy Selling,
Kevin James
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Kevin James
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But how much is your services for the set up of the google pay? How much do you charge?
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Can you  message me on these providers and the application process? 


Hi HeadShop9,


RE: It takes less than three minutes to set up a Google Pay account (as an individual). https://pay.google.com
Don't make the mistake of signing up for a business account. That will delay the acceptance process for up to five days. Also, by signing up as an individual you simply click a button inside of your profile settings, "YES", I wish to accept commercial transactions". That does it for you. Now, you can acceptance any type of commercial transactions.
Google Pay gives you the ability to accept up to $9,999.00 per day. Yes, that's your daily transaction limit. Not bad at all. Myself a the coders I work need about two hours to integrate the HTML, JavaScript - API code into your website theme and checkout page. You can actual go live --- and start receiving payments the same day, in two hours time.
The big three most important facts to consider with Google Pay are;
        (1) with manual integration you avoid violating Shopify's Payments Policy as a hemp-CBD seller.
        (2) debit card transactions setting in your bank account within seconds.
        (3) credit card transactions settle in your bank account within 24-to-48 hours.
Finally, you're not dealing with the risk associated with off-shore payment processors. Google has actual live-support reps that are available to speak with you in person. And yes, hundreds of CBD sellers are using Google Pay and not getting shut down.
Got Questions? Just let me know.
Kevin James
Shopify Approved Partner | Expert Developer-Coder
Kevin James
Expert Web Developer & Shopify Partner
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Hi all, I removed a few posts from this topic. 


Please remain positive and avoid personal attacks or questioning each others knowledge per our code of conduct



TyW | Community Manager @ Shopify
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I just wanted to update Shopify sellers in the CBD space with current domestic solutions that ARE working and approved by Shopify as of today January 1, 2020.


Option 1: CBD Domestic Program (Take payments in 3-7 Business Day)

Payment solutions for all CBD payment types: In-Person, Online, & Mobile


Products Approved: Hemp-Derived Flower, CBD Oils & Tinctures (Human), CBD Oils & Tinctures (Pets), CBD Topical Creams, CBD Salves and Rubs, CBD Gummies, CBD Beverages, CBD Vapes, CBD Terpenes, CBD Infused Skincare & Beauty Products, CBD Capsules, CBD Bath Bombs


  • Supported by 2 US Domestic banks
  • Online & Mobile Rates: 4.95% Flat + $.25 cents per transaction.
  • Retail Rates: 3.95% Flat + $.25 cents per transaction.
  • Authorize.net Gateway ($.19 cents per transaction)
  • Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover Card accepted from your customers
  • Next day deposit and availability of funds
  • New start-up businesses accepted – business must be 3 months older + 3-month average bank volume greater than $2500
  • Monthly fee $45 (gateway and 24/7 support)
  • Annual fee $149
  • No 'rolling reserve' hold on funds and fear of getting shut down.
  • To avoid getting rejected, your website must comply with strict underwriting guidelines. I will forward those guidelines to you.
  • Individual MID (Says your name on receipt/card statement)
  • We (IntegrityPay) can Pre-vetting your business takes 24-36 hours and get you processing in 3-7 days (assuming you have your documents and website is in compliance)


Option 2: EMB Pinwheel Gateway Integration With Square (Take payments in 60+ Days)


  • Online: 4.25% Flat + $.30 cents per transaction.
  • Retail: 3.9% + $.10 per transaction
  • Pinwheel Gateway (1-2% + $.20)
  • Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover Card accepted from your customers
  • 24-48hr deposit and availability of funds
  • New start-up businesses accepted – must process over $10,000 in 60 days or get shut down
  • No previous merchant processing history required
  • No 'rolling reserve' hold on funds and fear of getting shut down.
  • Square MID (Says square on customer receipt/Credit Statement)
  • Annual Max 


There are other third-party solutions and workarounds like using a third-party Shopify approved CRM and Email Automation Systems. 



IntegrityPay / Versus

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Hey Everyone, 


The best way to get a payment solution in CBD is to go through an established business that creates CBD Merchant Accounts everyday. Feel free to contact me at dustin@paykings.com if you're interested in this type of payment processing on Shopify.