COVID-19 and impact of creating a new store and being accepted by payment providers.

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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to create brand new store on shopify but every time I try to setup a new provider I get my store rejected.

I thought about this in the way that I'm banned from all providers for some reason, because every of them is rejecting my store. I was trying to set-up a brand new store with UV-sterilizing gadget but no matter what it gets rejected.

So my question is, am I only person who are getting same issues or it's more related to high risk for products that has probability to being shipped from China (and long shipping time related to actual situation)?

To be honest, I'm newbie in marketing but I learnt shopify creation for a bit long time. it took me like 6 months to even make relatively good converting store and now, everytime I try to set up new store I'm getting rejected.

Here is link to my store:

I'm not quite sure what to do. I was planning to make brand new store with 0 corelation to corona virus so maybe this way I will get a chance that any of providers is gonna accept me 

Stripe is holding my funds due to high and fast scaling up with some disputes that I've got but they also said that I'm still able to make new store but they just need to accept that store. Mistake that I've made here is that I haven't informed my customers clearly about shipping time so here I am.

So that being said, is this a good idea to make new store with more branded product than just "situational" product or my chances to being accepted are still low due to situation with average shipping time?

Thank you.