Calculated Shipping Rates Confusion

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Hi! I am a local small business owner and brand new to Shopify. I was previously hosting my website through Wix and have just switched over to this platform.

The MAIN reason I moved over to Shopify was for the ecommerce shipping integration streamlining. On my previous site I was shipping everything at $7 flat rate no matter how large or small the order, never bothering to calculate weights. It was an easy out on my part. But as my business has grown, I'm hoping to gain and retain more customers by offering lower shipping costs. I hoped to do this with Shopify by weighing my products and putting those weights in to be used in calculated shipping. This SHOULD be an amazing savings to my customers as most of my items are under a pound and when shipping them in a poly mailer first class, they would basically travel just as far, just as fast for a FRACTION of that $7 flat rate price.

Today I finished my site, re-pointed my servers and was ready to go.

I put in a sample order to see those tiny shipping numbers in action and to my despair, the first class amounts are coming up at $5+ for items that I have listed as 6 ounces or so.

By my calculations via USPS' website, that weight should be shipping for a little under two dollars. I've scoured the web and cant figure out what I'm doing wrong and why my shipping dreams are being crushed. Help! Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Lacy,

This is Michael at, a Shopify fulfillment partner

It's hard to say precisely without seeing your account settings, but here are two points that might be affecting it:
It might be related to package type you have set which is adding the package weight. See here:
Also, it's possible the rates you were getting earlier were commercial rates and Shopify is showing retail rates. I think there is a way for you to use your own shipping credentials and the price would then go back to where you were before. Check out this page:

We do fulfillment for thousands of customers so our rates are negotiated down, but you should be able to still get good savings on your own with USPS for under a pound.

Hope this helps, and you get your shipping straightened out. Reach out to Shopify directly if you are still having trouble with this, though. They are usually super helpful, and likely have dealt with this type of thing before.

Best of luck with your store! Your T's look awesome!


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