Can I collect payment info for a damage/security deposit?

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I am a sole proprieter with a very small business. I provide a camping equipment rental service for music festivals. Is it possible to collect a guest's payment information in case of damages that may occur? I almost never need this security/damage/cleaning deposit, as most of our guests are respectful. So charging a deposit upfront, sometimes months or a year in advance, and then refunding after the event, is not really reasonable. I imagine being able to automatically put a hold for the deposit amount ($250) a week before the event, and then release it once the event is over. Or just having their payment info in an escrow of sorts, invisible to me, in case of damages. Is this a thing?

In 2017, I would have only used this twice. And a few times the year before. So it's not worth me using an app that would charge me $40 a month, for example. Although I take reservations year-round, our season and the majority of transactions made, only run May through October. But I am willing to properly invest in something if it can be a long-term, non-subscription-based solution. 

I am not website savvy. I cannot do this on my own, and would like to hire someone. But I don't even know if what I'm needing is possible. The only other solution I can think of would be to find a different way to peddle my services, such as Airbnb. I'd also happily pay to have a website built just for my needs, but being a small business, am not sure I could afford such a thing.

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Was this need ever met?  I have a similar scenario.