Can I offer local pick up or personal delivery?

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Hello all,

I am a ceramic artist who works from a home based studio in Germany. I do not have a physical store where customers can come and view products and make purchases nor do I have my products stored at multiple locations.

All my products for sale are kept in my studio and will be available to purchase online only.

I only want to use the shopify platform for offering local pick up (customer comes to my studio to collect product once payment is received) or personal delivery (I will deliver the item for a small fee).

I read the pages online for eligibility to offer local pick up and to be honest, I am confused by what I read.

This is the link:


It says this:



To use the local pickup option, your store needs to meet the following requirements:


So, I emailed shopify support and received a confusing email from one of the support staff members. The information above seemed to contradict the email, so I am none the wiser.

I have twenty of fewer locations. I have just one location, so it appears I meet that eligibility requirement.


then next it says I need to enable multiple location Inventory and multi origin Shipping.

i have no idea what this means as this isn’t relevant to my business. Can someone please explain if I just need to ‘enable’ the function but not necessarily use that function or offer that service? Confusing.

I was linked to several apps by the shopify staff member which if I’m honest, actually annoys me abit.


offering local pick up or delivery honestly isn’t hard to do, so I shouldn’t need to pay an additional fee per month plus add one more app to my ever growing list. 

can someone pls confirm for me if I am able to offer local pick up OR delivery (not shipping) for each product I list on my store.

and lastly, I noticed on this forum that a staff member (in 2019) suggested simply adding a shipping zone with a zero charge for customers wanting local pick up. I imagine I will have to resort to this option if I can’t simply offer pick up using the other new post Corona method.


Thanks to anyone able to assist. 

I appreciate it. 

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I have the same question. I would like to offer only pick up and local delivery and not have a shipping option. When I attempt to remove shipping rates and only have pick up and delivery, the checkout page states that items are not available for pick up? And then if I keep the "free shipping" option for local delivery, I now have two options, one saying "free shipping" and one saying "local delivery". So is it possible to only have pick up and delivery without shipping?



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I have the same question. I would like local delivery and pickup option without shipping. Has anyone figured out a way around that?


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We have the same issue. We have one central location where all inventory is stored and dispatched from, although we also ship Australia-wide. We have local customers who would like to order online and pick-up from our warehouse without having to pay the shipping fee. We tried adding a $0 Local Pick-up through the Shipping and Delivery function that would present at checkout but it shows on ever order and the only customers who chose it were from another State who required shipping. We also tested an app but that didn't work either. I really cannot understand why this isn't a standard function of the shopify platform.

It would be appreciated if we could have some feedback / help on this matter.


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I can probably help a few of you out as I understand Shopify very well as well as local pickup/delivery.

With that said, I’m having another issue where during checkout it’s offering “Shipping” and “Store Pickup” only. Not “Local Delivery” as I setup. I think I know why but its not working. Anyone can DM me directly and I’ll be happy to help setup delivery for you.

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