Can Shopify auto-split / create orders based on set-up "fulfillment" locations

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Our issue:

• We have a store that sells items that are fulfilled from two different locations.
• The fulfillment locations are connected to our store. One  fulfillment is handled by us (certain items) and another a "partner" fulfillment provider (certain items).
• If a customer places an order that includes items that the "partner" fulfillment provider does not carry our store automatically sends them a product order notice BUT they ignore / shelve the order notice because it includes items they don't ship.
• We then have to duplicate the order in Shopify and manually remove the item(s) they do not carry which sends a new automated notice to them with only the items they do ship. So they get two notices, one they ignore and one they process because it's narrowed down to items they ship for us.

Desired Solution:

• We sell a t-shirt (marked via Locations in our store as fulfilled by "us") and we sell a backpack (marked in our store via Locations as fulfilled by "partner")
• A custom purchases a t-shirt and a backpack
• Shopify creates one order in Orders for the t-shirt based on the "marked" fulfillment location (us) and creates a separate order in Orders for the backpack based on the other "marked" fulfillment location (partner)

This solves:

The "partner" gets an order notice to fulfill with only the item they ship for us. They don't ignore it b/c it is not bundled with items they don't carry and the order goes out smoothly.
When the "partner" fulfills the order, our Shopify gets notified of the order update and proceeds to send out the tracking notice to the customer
We do not need to manually duplicate an order, modify the items in each order in Orders in Shopify
The "partner" fulfillment does not receive to order notices - one they ignore b/c it is bundled with products they don't ship for us and one they do process because it only has products they ship for us.


Yes, our "partner" ignoring order notices that include items they don't carry is an issue. EasyPost would still process an order if it came to them with items they don't ship. This fulfillment center will not and we're stuck with them for now until we eliminate our inventory with them and can move on (too expensive to do so at this point with the amount of inventory on hand).