Can Shopify payment gateway be used for clients in every country if connected with a U.S. based bank

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Hi there

I have a question regarding the SHOPIFY PAYMENT GATEWAY: I have a global business with points of sales in many countries all over the world. I want to use Shopify with the Shopify payment gateway. But I have seen that the Shopify payment gateway is not available in every country; e.g. not in Switzerland or Panama.

But what exactly does it mean if “Shopify payment gateway is not available in a country"? Or more concretely: If I have a U.S. based company and a U.S. based bank account, I would be able to set up my Shopify store with the Shopify payment gateway using this U.S. base bank account. Can I now use this Shopify webshop and the Shopify POS in countries like Switzerland and Panama to get paid by local clients? I.e. can I use the Shopify payment gateway in every country of the world including e.g. Switzerland and Panama if the connected bank account is U.S. based?

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