Can someone please help me? Ive been trying to get answers for days and i'm stuck

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The online chat got down to 5mins now its back upto 45 mins all of a sudden so dunno what is happening there but I really need help linking my Paypal account to my store and I pretty sure I cant do it because of an old store that has the same email address. I had an old shopify account that cancelled over 18mths ago (well i thought it cancelled until now) but apparently it is frozen. The issue is I cannot link my email address to my current store as the old frozen store still has my email address listed and I am unable to accept Paypal Payments because I have to have the same Paypal email address as my Shopify Store. This is why everything has stopped. I am unable to get into the old store to change the plan or anything at alll to remove the email address which will solve my problem. Until the old store is completely cancelled I am unable to link my Shopify Store to Paypal at all as I cannot change my email. I hope this makes sense? My head hurts after trying to work this one out lol Please help me? I am unable to do anything at all on my end. I cant take paypal payments at all right now