Can't print a shipping label due to unverified address

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These are the errors I am getting when I try to print this label.  I've even tried USPS's "suggested" address - no luck.  It lets me click the "Buy shipping label" button, but it just brings up the error again.  I double checked all the weight, size details, even tried Priority mail instead of first class.  No luck.  I've reached out to the customer to verify the address as well.  Please help.

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Hi, @LindseyCreates


I’m Helen from Shopify Support. Thanks for reaching out about this.


The banners that you are seeing to notify you that the order’s address could not be verified, and thus no rates are available, are warnings only. These most often occur when the customer does not enter their address exactly as it is identified in Google Maps. 


Therefore, I recommend entering the address into Google to see if there is any part of it that needs to be adjusted. This could be the formatting, spelling, zip code etc. Once you have made the adjustments, and you know that the address is in fact correct, you should be able to bypass both warnings and proceed with purchasing the shipping label.


However, if this does not work, please reply back to this thread to let me know.  I’m here to help.

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify
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