Can't select states in the shipping estimator

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Hi, we've discovered an issue with the shipping calculator in our cart. The default country choice is United States, but the Provinces field below that shows "undefined" as the default, and the dropdown does not function, so the user can't select a state. If you put in the country and ZIP without a state, it will return an error that seems to assume the state is Alabama, or it reloads the page and the ZIP field will be blank.


I did get it to work correctly by accident when I went to the ZIP field and my Autofill showed my ZIP code and town, and I selected it instead of typing it in. But that's not going to work for customers who don't use Autofill and/or don't know they need to do that.


How can I fix this?

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@Rebecca_Proch ,


Is the shopping cart shipping calculator part of your theme template or did you have it added after sight development?  This sounds like a code issue with the feature.