Can we please get a definitive response from Shopify regarding plans for inclusion of UPS-SurePost?

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There have been many questions asked about UPS-SurePost over the past several years here.  I have read through all of the comments and responses.  And although I have seen Shopify respond, there has never been any definitive answer on their plans to include UPS-SurePost natively into shipping options, or not.  Instead, we are only directed to search for an App that will meet this need now.

From the information I have gathered, UPS has the SurePost option completely available in their system, and Shopify would need only to enable it as a UPS shipping service on their API, the same as all of the other services that UPS offers.  I do not know why Shopify does not allow the UPS-SurePost service.  It is an excellent option to bridge the shipping-cost gap between USPS Priority and UPS Ground.  I have negotiated rates for UPS-SurePost.  I increased my Shopify Plan to allow for using my own UPS account rates, and I was shocked to find that UPS-SurePost was not available.  I have used multiple 3rd party shipping platforms in the past, and ALL have included UPS-SurePost options.

Yes, I am aware that I can purchase a 3rd party App to be able to provide customers with the SurePost option, and I have done this already.  And while this is a workable temporary solution, I have done this with the assumption that Shopify would eventually be adding the very established services of SurePost into their native shipping platform.

However, I have still never seen an official statement of Shopify's plans when it comes to this!   Can we please have a definitive response from Shopify on this topic?  Will Shopify provide the SurePost option in the future? 1 week? 1 year?   Or, if Shopify has decided against ever allowing us to use SurePost natively, then can we at least receive an explanation as to why not?  I am truly surprised and confused as to why this is not added already, and I need to know Shopify's plans, so that I can plan my business accordingly.



P.S. Please don't respond with, "We do not currently offer SurePost, but you can use MCSL to allow Surepost..."