Can you add local pickup to individual products?

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Some products cannot be shipped to a customer's home but can be picked up from our retail location or delivered to their home per request. I want to show these products but I have to keep them out of stock to prevent a customer from buying and thinking that it will ship to their home out of my delivery range. I want to be able to have these products available to buy but only allow local pickup or delivery on specific products. Also, we had a local order but it didn't seem to give the customer the option to select if they wanted to either pick it up themselves or have us deliver it so it created a lot of calls and coordination that seems it could have been selected at checkout. Will this be an option? And how can I add or let customers know a product is local pick up and delivery only?

I need to know this as well. I have a flower shop that wants to offer local delivery/pickup but doesn't want customers out of their delivery range to select a USPS. At the same time they want to be able to sell some gift items that can be shipped. Is this not possible?