Canada Post - Packaging and Shipping Rates and Local Pick Up Questions

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I'm just finalizing our store setup and decided to use the SHIPPO app based on feedback from these forums.  It seems faily straightforward, but I have a couple of questions related to Canada Post:

-What kind of packaging are people using?  We are selling baby tshirts and I'm wondering if I should buy bubble mailers from a third party or if anyone has any other suggestions for the best costs and that will work well with Canada Post?

-Any idea how to get the best rates "business pricing" - I set up my account, but anything else required?

-Any other best tips for working with Canada Post as I'm assuming the majority of my orders will be through them (even to the US)?

-In the shipping options, do you know how I can add 'local pickup' as an option and not charge for shipping?


Thank you so much for your input!

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Hi Jackie,

Thanks for posting on the forums! Hopefully you'll hear back from someone soon, I just wanted to reach out in the meantime!

I would actually recommend getting in touch with the Canada post to see if they have any affiliated packaging suppliers! They seem to have a store here so that might work for you! You could also just checkout Canadian postal supply wholesalers too to compare prices like Uline or Compack for example!

Canada post shipping rates are genearated automatically, so you don't need to do anything else for that!

You can add local pickup to your store for sure! We have an app in the app store that lets you add this, called Store Pickup + Delivery, and it works with post codes!

I would recommend getting in touch with the app dev's before trying them out,to ensure you like how the app integrates with your store by clicking **Get Support**!

I hope this helps!


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Hi Jackie Misshula - When you open a Small Business (formerly Venture One) account with Canada Post - they assign you an initial "Savings Level" (Level 1) for parcel services with a set (but minimal) discount that applies until your volume exceeds $2,500 per year. - then you get moved to "Level 2" until $5,000 - then "Level 3" to $7,500 - and "Level 4" for volumes above that.

Canada Post automatically reviews your account at the end of each quarter (next is July 1) and adjust your savings level accordingly. 

The difference between levels is not all that dramatic - but builds as your volume grows. The best discounts are if you opt out of the Small Business Program / speak to a sales rep / and get (negotiate) a "contract rate". I've been working on that - but they want a commitment of about 1,200 shipments per year (100/month) at minimum.  I've heard some suggest you only need 750 a year - but Canada Post keeps telling me that I only qualify for the Small Business rates until I am at least over 1,000.

As for free "Pick Up from Store" that is an easy opton to add in your Shipping Settings - but last time I tried it was a nightmare.  Shopify's system lists all shipping opitons from cheapest to most expensive - and the "Free Pickup" was always on top - the default choice - which most customers left selected until we phoned them to ask when they were coming by - and then found out they needed shipping and had to find some way to charge them the extra (after all that delay).  This could be EASILY fixed if Shopify would ammend the program to let you specify the order of Shipping Options - but (I'm not sure) - but I don't think they have done that (though many customers have made the suggestion) See this thread -




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I am pretty sure you have selected the right packaging as Canada Post has the following mailing supplies only :  envelopes, pre-stamped envelopes, mailing boxes and bubble mailers. Of them, the most appropriate definitely seems to be bubble mailers unless you are shipping in bulk. In that case Mailing boxes would be the right choice. 

Regarding costs, If your store is in infancy state and you are looking for extensive discounted rates, then you can contact any of the postage resellers or shipping brokers to have a make shift arrangement where they provide you with discounted rates. As your business grows and volume increases, with a postage Re Seller you will start facing problems like undelivered shipments, incorrect shipping rate calculations and delays in refund processing. To resolve these it would take you time and patience.  Hence at this time if you create a direct account with carriers(since you will have the volume by now - hence discounted rates will be provided to you in your account) and have a relationship manager for assistance. Once you have the account, you can then use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app to perform fulfilment and show real time shipping quotes at checkout.

Finally, regarding local pickup, you can very easily set up Local pickup option using the app. My suggestion would be to limit the local pickup to certain postcode ranges as otherwise the same problem would occur as mentioned by Nick.


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