Canada Post Shipping - What happens if I screw up?

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I'm hoping to get some information that will help us decide if we want to ship with Shopify shipping. We're based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and don't ship outside the country.

The ability to print shipping labels right from shopify and send them out sounds super convenient, and would save us a lot of time over having to drive to the post office and fill out customer information there and then manually enter tracking information, etc. etc. And obviously the added bonus of not being able to screw up on writing out a customer's address.

The problem is, since we don't have any experience printing our own shipping labels, I'm sure we're going to make a couple mistakes. I can't find any information on what is going to happen when we do.


So, for example, what happens if we get the package dimensions or weight wrong, if only slightly. When we show up with our label at the post office, will they tell us it's no good and then we just wasted that money? Can we get our money for the shipping label back if it was no good? And, for that matter, how perfect do we have to be when we buy the shipping label? If we list it as a soft package that is 3/4" thick, but it's actually 7/8" or 1" thick, is that a problem or is it close enough not to matter? Same question if we're off on the weight by a bit. How much is a problem? .001kg? .010kg? etc.


Additionally, last week we tried to ship out a product to a customer that we were giving away as part of a promotion. We got his address by email and when we got to the post office they told us that they needed a unit number as there were 6 units at that address. If we're buying shipping labels through Shopify and this happens, how does it get handled? Or will Shopify not allow the order to be processed at all with this kind of mistake?


I'm hoping some of you other Canadian retailers or Shopify staff can help me out here. I'd really like to make the leap for convenience sake, but we aren't that big yet and we can't afford to lose money trying this out. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Devon,

I’m Kevin a Shopify Guru here to give you some answers.

Since you are just shipping within Canada, Canada Post is a great way to ship. With the Calculated Carrier rates, the amount of shipping you collect from the Customer is based on your Default Package and Product Weight, so you get the most accurate rate possible.

If you ever do make an error on a Shipping Label you can void it before it is scanned to get credit for a future purchase. We have our Shipping document here.

While you collect the rate based on your default package, when you make the label it should be made to the exact specifications. Using standard box sizes means you will always know the exact dimensions and weights. Once the label is created the onus is on you the shipper to fill out that information correctly, many people setup a shipping station with scale, ruler and packing supplies if dealing with many different packing sizes. If you weigh all your products and shipping supplies beforehand and add round up slightly that is the best practice. Shopify does run a Stockroom for bulk supplies. You do also get better rates with your Shopify Plan, helping to cover and discrepancies you need to compensate for.

For you last example, Shopify is connected right to Canada Post, if there are obvious errors then you will be notified during creation. Customer making spelling mistakes on their address, while usually infrequent can be a customer service problem. We like to give the same advice as if an order was flagged with any sort of Risk, you can always Google the address the make sure it is the proper type of location. Canada Post is pretty good at delivering packages, if there are small errors they can catch the mistakes, a slightly wrong postal code and make the correction.

I hope that answers some of your questions Devon, if you need any more help, feel free to contact our Guru team 24/7.

Best Regards,

Kevin | Shopify Guru

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Hi Kevin, 


We are having a similar problem. I see another user also had this problem, but no answer was given.


We have a commonly used package size that is 38" x 4.5" x 4.5". I've ordered shipping labels directly from Canada Post for this size package many times in the past. However when I try to print this shipping label through my Shopify "Orders" dashboard, I get an error message that says that the two smaller dimensions need to be at least 5.5" and 8.3". How can I create a label with my correct dimensions? Thank you