CanadaPost shipping time estimates

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I was loving the (rather) new built in CanadaPost shipping tools but I have two issues with them:

1) the estimates it gives for how long a package will take are not accurate.  If you compare the estimates to those that CanadaPost gives when you login directly, they are off.  This ends up giving inaccurate hopes to customers and complaints that the dates promised aren't true.

2) also, is it possible to flag which methods include tracking before purchasing?  It is disappointing to buy a label and then when you open the lable to print, you see there is no tracking provided....and for those you can't void the purchase (since they aren't serial numbered).  

Both above issues are especially bad for shipments sent to Europe, the lesser expensive option says it will be there in 6-10 days and then has no tracking on it....those shipments are taking about 30 days to arrive and without any way to track them,

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Ideally the delivery estimates should not be off. However, if they are, you can try using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this purpose. Once you use your own Canada Post account, the delivery estimates will definitely be accurate as they are directly pulled in from the API. Regarding flagging the shipping methods we can definitely come up with something on this. You can get in touch with the team.

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