Canadian dropshipping store selling products in Canada and USA

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I am setting up a store that I would like to sell to Canada and the USA. I have a few things that are confusing to me. Some help would be much appreciated.


  1. How can I set up shopify to handle payments in USD and CAD? There is only one option to set up a bank account for one currency. I'm opening up a USD and CAD bank account for the business but it doesnt seem to allow both to be entered into shopify. Ideally I would like USD payments to my USD account and the same with CAD payments.
  2. Some suppliers only ship to Canada, some only to USA and some to both. Can I set up my store so the user can select their location or currency of choice and have only products that can be shipped to that country displayed on the page? Must I create separate websites to achieve this, for example, a .com and a .ca?
  3. Does shopify automatically handle tax? From my understanding, I would not have to pay US tax but I would have to charge CA tax as Im based in Canada. I have a federal incorporation all ready set up.


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I am having the same problem:

I am based in Canada and am migrating my Canadian and USA web sites to shopify.  I would like to sell to Canada in Canadian Currency, Ship to Canada from my Canadian warehouse.  Secondly I would like to sell to USA in US Dollars and ship to USA from either my Canadian or USA warehouse.  I would also like to have separate inventory control for each warehouse - Canadian and USA based.

To complicate matters, in Canada I sell in French and English - and need to provide a French language selection in the province of Quebec.  It would also be great if I could let people purchase in Spanish in the USA.

Regarding payment, I would like to have my Canadian sales deposited to my Canadian account and my US sales deposited to my USA account.

Currently I have a single domain and use Geolocation to direct the customer to Canadian or USA currency sub domains.

Had anyone out there been in this situation or can direct me to a resource who can help me get set up.