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I wanted to get some answers from Shopify before I helped a client get setup here.

My client has a business that sells medical cannabis seeds online. They are located in the USA. They've been online for a few years already, but are looking for an all-in-one solution for their business. 

They have online businesses in Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

One sells medical marijuana seeds only, one sells medical cannabis seeds and clothes, and one sells medical marijuana seeds and stickers.

They are legitimate businesses with licenses and like I said, have been in business for years.

My Questions:

  • Can they sell on Shopify? 
  • Will you be able to provide payment processing for them through Shopify?
  • Do they need to worry about getting kicked off if Shopify?

If you cannot process payments for them through Shopify, can they use their current payment processor and use Shopify to host their site?

If payment processing was not available from you, what would be some of the pros to moving to Shopify without included payment processing?

Is it worth it to move to Shopify if they have to bring their own payment processing solution?

I need some other reasons to move them to Shopify besides the included payment processing (just in case you cannot process payments for a US Seed Bank). For instance, in regards to moving to Shopify from Magento (specifically)?

I only ask because I want to be sure that I am giving my client completely factual information.



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Hey there! 

Kassey here from the Shopify Guru Team! You can sell your products online with Shopify as long as those products are legal in the state you're selling from! Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to use Shopify Payments to sell those products but you can view all payment gateways available for your location here: ( As with every payment gateway, you want to make sure you do check the Terms of Service for the payment gateway you're interested in to double check that you can sell marijuana related products with their gateway. You can check out Shopify's integrated payment gateway, Shopify Payments, Terms of Service here: ( 

If you're interested in the features available with Shopify (without the use of an integrated payment gateway), then I would suggest checking out our pricing and plans doc: ( Along with 24/7 support, most Shopify plans will feature multiple staff accounts, unlimited product and data storage, in-admin fraud analysis, the ability to offer discount codes, a free SSL certificate for custom domains and gift cards (on the Shopify plan or higher). 

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to Shopify support!

Kassey S
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That's no true. You have seed banks selling seeds and using your payment processing. I reported one for selling seeds to my kid and they didn't even kick them off. BS!

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Cannabis store all over is Good. I already purchased her and the people are great and friendly. But on the other side, i saw this article that we can buy tru online. I’ve been a purchaser of MJ for years, both online and in traditional shops. As much as I love to visit my friendly neighborhood headshop, I think that buying MJ online is the better option. There’s literally no downside to it. It’s fast, easy, more discreet, and the selection owns.

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The lack of authentication is what gets me. My kids shouldn't be getting seeds that easily. I use cannabis myself for pain and it helps a lot. I don't want all seed banks gone, just the bad ones that sell to minors.

I wish we had more marijuana seed banks on Shopify that checked to make sure only adults were buying them. I know Greenpoint Seeds used to be on Shopify and they had to move.

I see other seed banks on Shopify and they sell with the Shopify payment processing. I guess they just haven't been caught. Shoot, I saw a site that was selling steroids on a my-shopify domain the other day and I couldn't believe it.

Greenpoint Seeds is the best seed bank in the USA. Greenpoint Seeds carries feminized, regular and autoflower cannabis seeds year round and they always have good sales. They have cannabis seed auctions too

I really wish Shopify would allow at least the honest seed banks to sell their gear. Greenpoint Seeds is a legal business in the state they reside in. And cannabis seeds contain no THC or CBD, so why are they not allowed? Because people might grow them illegally? If that was the case, how come you can buy ammunition online so easily? Or how come you can buy all the parts to out a weapon together online? These are just cannabis seeds.

There are tons of seed banks out there but none of them compare to the cannabis genetics at Greenpoint Seeds.