Cannot Purchase UPS Shipping Label for Customer in Mexico

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Hello, I've been experiencing a problem for the last 2 days and haven't been able to get it resolved with the two Shopify gurus that I have been in contact with. I am trying to purchase a UPS shipping label for a customer in Mexico and I keep getting an error when I click 'buy 1 shipping label.' The error says, "A system error has occurred and is being investigated." After trying multiple things to resolve the issue both on my own and with the gurus I finally figured out what the problem is. The order is going to Mexico City. The problem is that UPS (and FedEx) uses "Distrito Federal" for the state while Shopify uses "Ciudad de Mexico." Mexico City was called the Federal District (Distrito Federal, or "DF") up until January 29, 2016 after which it became Ciudad de Mexico, or "CDMX." Even though they are technically the same place, UPS (and FedEx) only recognizes the old name, Distrito Federal, as the correct address and will not accept Ciudad de Mexico as the state. The problem is, Shopify only has Ciudad de Mexico as an option in the dropdown menu so I have no way of changing it. I know that changing it to Distrito Federal works because I tested it in Shippo and UPS. The reason I would prefer to buy the label through Shopify is that the label will cost me $100 more if I purchase through Shippo or directly from UPS due to Shopify's deeply discounted shipping rate. Is there any way to resolve this problem? I would imagine that this would be an issue for anyone trying to ship UPS to Mexico City.