Cannot figure out how to create the shipping I need

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I'm pretty sure that I can't do this in normal Shopify shipping so I will need an app and that is fine, I just need to find a way to do what I need. 

I need to offer one additional shipping option for all of my products when the order total is between $1 and $48. I want to offer one USPS option and all of our UPS options. After the order total goes over $48 I want to only offer the UPS options.

Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to do this?



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Hi @smithe,

You can certainly achieve this with Intuitive Shipping. Using our Condition system, you can create a Shipping Scenario with two Entire Cart Conditions:

Total > Greater than or equals > 1

Total > Less than or equals > 48 (or 47.99)

In the Scenario, add two Live Rate Shipping Methods - one for USPS and one for UPS with all the service options you want to offer.


Then you'll want to create a second Scenario with a single Condition:

Total > Greater than or equals > 48 (or 48.01 or 49)

In this Scenario, add a single Live Rate Shipping Method for UPS with all the service options you want to offer.


You can install Intuitive Shipping and test the app for an unlimited time for free in Testing Mode to see if it's a good fit for you. If you'd like a demo from one of our team members, please feel free to book a demo appointment


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