Cant ship with multiple boxes for one order?

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Wow, shopify has a $20b market cap, and they cant figure out how to handle multiple boxes for one single UPS shipment for one order?


By shipping partials, 3 times to make up a 3 box shipment, freight is 30% higher than if it were a multi box ups shipment.


In addition to that, instead of 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 with one signature required, we are also charged $5.35 3 times for signature confirmation for each box, where in a multi box shipment, it would be one signature for all 3 boxes.



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that is incredible. its 2020 Shopify WTFU

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This is unfortunate, your team should really consider implementing this. Multi-box shipments are essential when considering custom procedures in other countries that would require the boxes to stay together. At times we receive big orders that require multiple boxes and this limitation is truly an inconvenience...