Carrier Calculated Shipping - Need to Disable Certain Territories

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In my shipping settings I have selected "United States", however some of the United States territories include Guam, Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, etc. Reason being, I don't want to deal with Customs yet. I would like to only ship to the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Some shopify reps state that the API programming that functions as the connection between your shop and your carriers is the same software served to all shops that use Carrier calculated shipping, and they simply do not offer the ability to select which specific parts of a country you can, or cannot ship to.

Is there any type of coding in my CSS that will allow me to "hide" these territories from the drop down menu? Is there a shopify developer I can hire to do this? Any other work-around is welcomed.

**Also, some shopify reps have recommended calling the carrier direcly and seeing if they can remove territories from their end. I have called and they cannot. Also, I have tested diabling all carriers to see if it was indeed on Shopify's end, and it is. 


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Hi London,

Currently there is no way to hide the different options on your checkout page or remove them as options from what is returned by the carriers through the API calls. The best workaround right now would be to note either on the checkout itself through the language settings, or through a page or cart note that shipping is only provided the the 48 contiguous states. Definitely something that could be improved upon as far as control goes and I've passed the feedback onto the dev team to look into further!

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Very 2nd rate that this cannot be controlled through Shopify admin. It's simply out of step with the relatively superior Shopify system as a whole. Fix this issue please, and while your at it, fix the entire shipping zone/rate interface that has people scratching their heads so much. Should be so much more intuitive.

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Same question here, many years later.

Any way to hide the territories from the pull-down menu?