Cash on Delivery problem

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Hey guys!

I tried figuring this out myself but with no luck, so I thought I’d turn to the experts.

Im having trouble setting up my Cash on Delivery the way I want to. In the country I operate, the courier firm collects the cash, hands the package over to the customer and then transfers the money to my account. 
What I’m trying to do is set up COD in a way that I can add for example 10$ shipping to the order, but have them complete the purchase without paying over the net. 
what’s frustrating is that I can only select COD as a payment method, not a delivery method, and it appears further down the checkout.

my problem is that if somebody doesn’t want to pay COD, but rather pay by card/PayPal, then they still get the payment option of cash on delivery. Is there any way to make the COD payment option to appear only when the customer selects a custom COD delivery method?


hope you understand my question. Thanks so much!