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Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a way to change the shipping method assigned to an order once the customer has placed it, so it can integrate into the Local Delivery app?

Here is our scenario:

We offer several shipping methods, one is free national couriered delivery if the customer spends over £50, and another is free local delivery if the customer spends over £30 and is covered by our local delivery zone as defined in the Local Delivery options. Now we have launched local delivery, customers who fall into our local delivery zone are still choosing the free national couriered delivery option (having spent £50).

While this doesn't matter at all from a financial perspective, we can't pull any of the 'incorrect' free shipping orders into the Local Delivery app, which is causing a lot of extra work planning delivery routes.

I hope that makes sense and someone can help!

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Hi there,


Pradeesh here, can I help you? what is that real issue on your shipping? please inbox me