Change the Paypal Express email address

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I already have a PayPal account setup for my store transactions. I use a different email address for PayPal then I have inside my Shopify store account. How do I change my Shopify settings to send PayPal customer payments to a different email address? 

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HI there Mary!

Great question and here is what you do:

1) Head to Settings>Checkout

2)Under the Paypal section, in the right hand corner of the box, hit 'Edit' then 'Deactivate'

3) Then in the drop down for that same Paypal box, choose the Paypal method you are using 

4) Choose the option to 'change user credentials' instead 

5) You will then be taken to the Paypal sign in where you will use your correct email address

6) When you are taken to the page for Paypal, you will see a green button that says  'Grant Shopify Permission'

7) Click that button then you will be taken back to Shopify and then will be done!

Hope that helps Mary, let me know if you have more questions at

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Thank you

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Hi, I signed up with my account earlier.  The email account was showing up in the invoice email. So I created a custom email with my domain name and added it to my Paypal account. I Deactivated the existing one. But I'm not able to add the New one. After clicking on "Activate Paypal Express Checkout" button, I was asked to enter email address. Then login. but nothing works. It took me to my paypal account. The email was not added. Can someone help me with this? Very Urgent.