Change title of calculated shipping rate

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One of my shippers utilizes Fedex, USPS, UPS when they drop ship, while I use USPS.

I utilize UPS ground calculated rates for all options regardless and it comes out in the wash.

Is there a way to rename my calculated shipping option to just read “Standard shipping” rather than UPS Ground since it won’t always actually be shipped via UPS?

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Hi Chad,

Thanks for posting! I have had a think, and hopefully one of these solutions might help!

It isn't possible to change the carrier calculated titles, however you can switch on/ off the rates so that they only show what you offer!

So USPS standard might be the most suitable perhaps?

You could check in with these special shipping apps to see if they can help you create custom shipping titles- Better shipping ( ) and Bespoke Shipping (

As a completely different alternative, instead of looking at the shipping rates, there is a doc on how to replace the add to cart button with an email link or contact form for any special custom made products that may be may to order-

With that, you'd be able to create draft orders for your customers from your admin, and send them a checkout to make the payment, with all the information given in advance-

That way, you wouldn't need to change your UPSP rates at all!

I hope this helps!



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A direct solution is not possible when it comes to renaming Calculated shipping rate titles. However, you can try the Multi carrier shipping label app that will allow you to rename each shipping service and you can keep something like 'Standard Shipping' for UPS Ground. In addition, you can also rename for certain states and keep the existing name for certain states based on your requirement.