Changing payment provider because of Stripe account notice of cancellation

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Hello everyone, 


we are currently facing the following situation:

We own a LLC located in WY, we own a Bank of America bank account and an EIN number, but no SSN because we are non-US residents.  We sell low-risk physical products, our contracts are with US suppliers only and we sell to US customers only.


We just got a notice from Stripe that they are about to close our account in 2 weeks because we don't meet the following requirements:

[1] Stripe accounts primarily require a local physical address, business registration, local bank account, and significant operations in that country.


They also cancelled online support as soon as they made their decision so i don't even wanna go into this. We actually started selling 10 days ago with ppc and in the first week we sold 2 product (2k$ and 3.6k$) with stripe, 1 of them (the 3.6k$ one) had to be refunded because our supplier didn't have it on stock. I don't know if that was the reason for shutting us down, all i know is that we lost additional 105$ because the fees are non returnable.


So now we need to find another provider that is already directly integrated with shopify and that doesn't require SSN. I know that in theory this is a requirement for all gateways that accept credit cards in the USA but i know many people who operate without them.


Which options do you recommend? I read several topics about this and found mixed opinions and answers. We just wanna implement a gateway that wouldn't take our customers somewhere else and that would payout our funds to our bank account in reasonable time (1-2 business days). Since we are selling products with avg. price of 1935$, fees are also an important part of this decision.


We were really excited to cooperate with Stripe but after having such bad experience with them (non refundable fee for refunded orders, 7-10 days waiting time for the first payout, cancellation of online support after closure notice - this was the best one :), we would never recommend Stripe to no one. I am glad that we found this quite soon, because i was reading reviews and some people even got their money stolen from them.


I would appreciate any suggestions or solutions and i wish everyone a great day


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Hi LukaLah - the options really depend on many of the unique aspects of your own business. In your case, if you are not a USA resident, then the country of your residence is important. Also the higher average order value is an issue. What do you sell and where are you located?