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I use the Responsive theme and I am in the process of customizing my email notification templates using a program called Klaviyo and using the HTML email format.

In regards to the shipping confirmation and shipping update templates - how do I change the carrier from UPS to my courier Fastway? I understand Shopify isn't integrated with this courier but I would like shipping emails to state the correct courier and link to that website for tracking.

When I go to fulfil an order, I would select 'other' as the shipping carrier. How do I program 'other' to read as Fastway in my email templates?

In addition, we will occasionally use another courier service and Aust Post.

Can anyone help?

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I have the same problem, help Shopify. We ship from Mexico and we need to add the local shipping company to the list. Right now the problem is that we have to select "Other" in the current dropdown menu, and I have no chance to put the local shipping company website so that our customers can track their shippings, insteand there is a "google search result for other" and it is awful and extremelly confusing to our customers. HELP NEEDED shopify

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I have found a quick fix for the "Other" shipping issue. This isn't pretty but it works for us.

In Settings/Notifications/Shipping confirmation go to the html tab. Save the existing code in notepad (just incase you want to add it back again). 

Then change the centre part of the email to the html code below. That deletes the "other" shipping tracking information.

{% endif %}
<p>{% if fulfillment.item_count == item_count %}All{% elsif fulfillment_status == 'fulfilled' %}The last{% else %}Some{% endif %} of the items from your order {{ name }} have now been shipped out to you. </p> Below is a summary:</p>
<p>{% for line in fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items %}<img src="{{  }}" />{{ line.quantity }}x {{ line.line_item.title }}<br>
{% endfor %}</p>
<p>{% if requires_shipping %}It is being shipped to the following address: </p>

<p>{{ }}<br />
{{ shipping_address.street }}<br />
{{ }}<br />
{{ shipping_address.province }}
{{ }}<br />
{{ }}</p>

{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size > 0 %}
{% if fulfillment.tracking_numbers.size == 1 %}
<p>The tracking number for this order is {{ fulfillment.tracking_numbers.first }}. 
{% else %}
<p>The tracking details for this order is as follows:</p>
<p>{% for tracking_number in fulfillment.tracking_numbers %} {{ tracking_number }}<br>{% endfor %}</p>

<p>Click the links below for the shipping status:</p>
<p>{% for tracking_url in fulfillment.tracking_urls %} <a href="{{ tracking_url }}">{{ tracking_url }}</a><br>{% endfor %}</p>
{% endif %}

{% endif %}{% endif %}{% if fulfillment_status != 'fulfilled' %}
<p>We'll send you another email when more of your order is ready to be shipped.</p>
{% endif %}

<p>Thanks again for stopping by {{ shop_name }} and placing an order with us! </p>
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When you fulfil an order you can type ALOT of information in the little tracking number box. Instead of just the tracking number, type something like the following (the first part is obviously your unique tracking number): 

34Hb-2093-C398s-Qr4t. You can track your order by entering your tracking number at

That will insert itself into your email as an actual hyperlink that your customer can click onto. Depending on your shipping companies website you might be able to insert the tracking number into the web address too.  

I hope this helps someone out there while waiting for Shopify to address this issue. 


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You can try the Shipment Tracking & Notify app. Once you fulfill the orders along with the tracking number and carrier, Shopify sends a confirmation email to your customer along with the link to the order status page, where they find the tracking number.


If you use the app, when your customer clicks on the tracking number, it will redirect to the app's tracking page, where accurate tracking information will be provided regarding the order. 

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