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How do I automatically charge an order when it’s status changes to fulfilled, rather than at order placement.
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Hi, @jleboeuf !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you!


Great question! When charging for an order, you have two options to either capture payments automatically or manually. This can be configured from within your admin settings. 


Doing so automatically means that the payment is sent to the bank for processing as soon as the order is placed. With manual payments, however, you can choose to capture the payment for the order at the time of fulfillment if you like. We have some more info on both methods here


While automatic capture can be helpful if you are processing large amounts of orders, manual payment affords you the time to review each order.


If you plan to capture payment manually when fulfilling your orders, it would be worth confirming the authorization period with your payment provider. For example, Shopify Payments provides an authorization period of up to 7 days for a charge to be authorized and then captured. The authorization period, however, does vary depending on the credit card payment provider.

I hope this helps - do feel free to let me know if you have any questions.






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Hi Jleboeuf, 


To extend on what Katy is saying, it's possible to keep your payment capture automated, even when the payment is captured on fulfillment - as long as you use a proper 3rd party integration platform.  At VL OMNI, many of our customers use our integration platform to trigger a pre-auth and capture the payment on an order's fulfillment. I'm happy to walk you through that integration strategy if you're interested. 



Torrey Lapenskie