Cheapest shipping to Canada?

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Hey guys,

So we sell handcrafted soap down here in South Florida. Each bar weighs about 5-6oz so we ship first class anything under 2 bars and flat rate priority over 3 bars (flat rate padded envelope) when shipping domestically.

However, we have had tons of interest in Canada and other Countries but man... $18.00 to ship a 10oz (2 bars of soap) package to Canada via USPS First Class international is just insane! And then it doubles when you need to ship anything over 16oz via priority international in a flat rate priority padded envelope.

Most customers aren't going to want to spend $18.00 to ship $16.00 worth of soap (what 2 bars cost).

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this more affordable?!

Thanks 😎

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Hi Chris, 

Did you ever get an answer to your question? I just shipped my very first order to Canada via UPS and found out the hard way that UPS charges horrifying import fees (ended up covering an extra $30 for this order because I didn't want the customer to have to do it on delivery). I had gotten a last minute request from a social media customer for Canada shipping and didn't think it was this complicated if I was just printing out the label with Shopify shipping, buuuttt...ouch. I cannot seem to find enough specific information to help me out. 

One thing I realized is that all of the weights of my products are estimates because they're vintage, all different sizes, in random upcycled boxes and I never know until I start packing how much padding I'll need, so when they combine multiple items in one purchase, the weight is way off and Shopify wouldn't let me adjust the weight after the fact because the customs form was already generated, or some such thing. 

I guess my question is, do you know if there are additional hidden fees for USPS shipping to Canada after you have purchased the label, or is the label it? And when does the GST get added in or does the customer pay that?

Thanks in advance if you can help!