Checkout issue on mobile when discount code used

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Hi guys,

We've got a bit of an issue with our site that's completely flummoxed me.

Whenever a user is checking out on our site using a mobile device with a discount code, the checkout will loop and will never send the user to PayPal or Worldpay.

The loop occurs when the customer presses "pay now" (when they'd be sent to Worldpay or PayPal)

No error messages pop up, it just cycles around forever.

We don't have access to our checkout.liquid, so nothing will have changed from this aspect.

If the customer removes the discount code, it works fine. On another note, even automatic discounts won't allow anyone to check out.

Bear in mind, this is MOBILE ONLY. on desktop view, it's fine?!

Please can someone help as this is a big issue.

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OMG! Yes I am having the same issue! Its been an issue since last night. Help fast! 

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I've just been on live chat with Shopify.

The issue pertains to when a customer using a mobile phone has selected local pickup as a delivery option and uses a discount code.

When the discount is removed, the customer can complete their order.


They've raised this with their technical team - is that the issue you have?

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Yes! I just implemented the local pick delivery option and now my payments will not process for my customers. Ive lost so many sales behind this issue. 


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I'm a touch relieved that it isn't just us with that issue.

Let's hope Shopify recognise this as a genuine larger issue and fix ASAP.

When Shopify get back to me I'll post in here so you're in the loop.

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It doesnt work on the discount for me either. 

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Our issue was only present WHEN a discount code was used. Without, it was fine.

It definitely seems like the local pickup is broken to a degree, so let's hope they fix it asap.

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A client mailed us, they had the same problem. Also with a discount code and local pickup. When I tried the abandoned cart recover link I had the same problem.

No error message but nothing happens

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Same here. Here’s what we’ve observed:

This is a combination of selecting Local Pickup and using a discount code and seems to have everything to do with when the discount code is added. As long as you add the discount code first everything will work fine.

Mobile or desktop is irrelevant. This issue happens on both. The reason this seems to only happen on mobile is because there you are more likely to add the discount code on the payment screen. But you can definitely run into this on desktop as well.

This is the first checkout page on mobile - contact information (sorry for the Icelandic translation):


You can see there is no option visible to add the discount code.

This is desktop:


You see the discount code input field and the user is more likely to start by adding the discount code.

And here is the mobile payment checkout page after selecting Local Pickup:


You can see the discount input field is visible there.

Now so if you get here and you add the discount code you will end up in the error loop. But if you were now to go back to the contact info page and continue again to the payment page and continue, it will work.

You can also run into this error below on the contact information page if you first select Local Pickup and then add the discount code.


So to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to checkout
  2. Add email/phone number
  3. Select Local Pickup
  4. Go to Payment page
  5. Add discount code
  6. Fill your billing info
  7. Select Continue (or whatever it says)
  8. Page will reload

To successfully checkout with discount code (seperate for mobile and desktop to make it clearer)


  1. Go to checkout
  2. Add discount code
  3. Add email/phone number
  4. Select Local Pickup
  5. Go to Payment page
  6. Fill in billing info
  7. Continue
  8. Works


  1. Go to checkout
  2. Click ‘Order summary’
  3. Add discount code
  4. Add email/phone
  5. Select Local Pickup
  6. Go to Payment page
  7. Fill in billing info
  8. Continue
  9. Works

So what I suggest you tell your customers or clients is a) try to add the discount code first or b) if they are already stuck, go back to the contact information page and continue again and then everything should work fine.

Hope this helps

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Hi There, 

We are having the same issue. Has Shopify contacted you with a timeline on the fix?