Choosing shipment method before entering address

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Hi there,


Q1: Is it possible for the customers to choose the shipping method before entering their shipping address? 


My store has two shipping methods as below:

1/ Local Flat Mail

2/ Local Courier with pick up point


If the customer is choosing the second option - local pick up point, they will have to enter a code and district for the pick up point instead of a full shop address. I would like the customers to choose the shipping method before they input their address.

Q2: For the second option, I have a list of pick up points customers can choose from. (Hoping to minimize the chance of typo in the checkout process by doing so.) How can I input the list?


Please help to provide the solution if you know, thank you so much! 


Hey @FionaCheung,


Unfortunately, shipping has to trigger at checkout, after the customer enters their information. I do encourage you to reach out to the team at Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet - they may be able to help you with your needs in Q2. 


Good luck!



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