Clarification for EFT and ACH transfers for Shopify Payments - Canada

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Dear Shopify Community

I'm about to launch my store and in the process of choosing a suitable bank account. I want to enable Shopify Payments, for which the documentation states the following requirements:

"Canada - If your payout currency is CAD, then the bank account must be with a physical bank in Canada, in CAD currency, and eligible for ACH transfers."

I phoned CIBC to ask if their personal checking accounts can accept ACH transfers. Representatives specialized in personal accounts have no idea what  ACH is. Some of the representatives even believe that ACH is a synonym of 'wire transfer'. However they immediately identified the term EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). These EFT transfers on their personal accounts are free an unlimited. That's all good, but my question is: Can I receive payout from Shopify on my Canadian bank account (in CAD dollars) through an EFT transfer?

My other option, much more expensive, is to open a business account. The CIBC representative specialized on business accounts is familiar with ACH transfers and says they can set ACH in their business accounts. However I'm not willing to pay for all the charge-for-everything fees of a business account.

I guess some clarification is needed. This old thread says that Shopify can in fact payout using EFT, and suggests that the ability of an account of accepting ACH transfers is optional. Maybe that's what Shopify meant by "eligible". This related thread says with such a confidence that Shopify uses ACH, but just confuses the term with EFT. From what I understand ACH is a type of EFT but not the same thing (ref. article).

So, what exactly does Shopify need?, will I be able to receive payout from Shopify on my personal bank account that offers free EFT transfers?

Many Thank

Jose MQ