Clearing Previous Users Data After Checkout

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Hi guys

I am developing a Shopify store which will be open to the public and as such I need to ensure my customers details don't get stored in the browser post checkout.

I spoke to a Shopify guru about removing the 'Save my information for a faster checkout' option from the checkout but he told me I would need a Shopify Plus subscription to do that. This subscription starts at $2000 so it isn't really viable.

Does anybody know how I can stop these details from being saved or clear them post checkout? Is there a way I can perhaps clear certain cookies out of the browser using Javascript to clear the user data? I'm developing the site via Slate so I know how to code. I've gone through the list of cookies and tried clearing certain ones but my details stay in the checkout when I do another order.

It seems absolutely crazy to me that the only way to stop users remembering themselves is by paying an additional $1900 a month.