Client checkout shipping location via map pin or something like that in countries without addresses?

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Hey there, I'd like to setup a shopify storefront here in Costa Rica, but I'm having a hard time with the checkout process.

Costa Rica doesn't have standardized addresses, and often times adresses are something along the lines of:
125m west of the church, the main road, town name, province. And Google Maps NEVER recognizes an address down here. Everybody finds each other by sharing pins on Whatsapp or sharing locations on Waze/Google maps.

That doesn't really make it easy for us to figure out where people really live as then the delivery guy, usually on a moped or motorcycle, has to call the customer and figure out with him verbally where they are.

So I had this great idea of using a Google Maps pin as a delivery location that we could then print out, or simply give the coordinates to the driver which he can look up on Google Maps easily.

But I searched around and can't seem to find something like this that exists.

How could I make it so that the customer checking out has to click on a location on a map to give us their delivery location rather than using the conventional address system like we use in north america?

Even if I had to pay someone to potentially develop this, is it actually possible? I don't know how much of the checkout process can be modified through third party apps.

I know many shops would LOVE to hop on shopify here if there was some easier way to figure out customer delivery location as right now ecommerce is not really big down here but I see massive potential.

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Hi there Yannick!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for taking the time to post here on our merchant forums about your requirements in Costa Rica. :)

As you suspect yourself, the checkout area is off limits for customisation like this as the code is locked down for security reasons.

However, we can still take your feedback into account here by filing a feature request internally with our developer team.

While we can't promise a timeline on the introduction of any feature; we do rely on reports like this from engaged merchants such as yourself to learn how people do business in various markets, so thanks for this insight. 

I'll write up the particulars of your requirements for Costa Rica and file that request for our dev team.

As someone who lives in a country with a lot of these 'unique addresses' I feel your pain! :)

Let us know if you need us here at Shopify support in future.



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Hello Both, 

Many thanks Yannick to bring this issue up, and Many thanks to John for your response.

I am having the same problem here in Saudi Arabia shipping and delivery are rely heavily on sharing pin through whatsapp or SMS, if the checkout process can be modified to have the Google map which then can be combined with the customer details. This really will increase the sales of shopify not only in Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica but many developing countries as well.


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Hi, just a quick question... is this service available now?

Hello guys,

just recently I have developed something similar for Meat shop in Abu Dhabi. Since you can't edit checkout process, I've implemented the map on the cart page and passed coordinates as checkout attribute to shopify order. UX is little worse, but it might work for you in the end.

Snímka obrazovky 2019-07-08 o 15.49.12.png


Live version (real store, plz be nice):


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Hi Martin,

could you please provide source code for this cart or at least create a tutorial. It would be super helpful :)


It's all Javascript, you can find the code in the source code. I published the basics for you here

Let me know whether it helps.

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I know I may sound like a rookie but maybe what I needed help on was how to
tie location to calculate shipping costs and where exactly you placed this

It did not connect it with shipping costs (that's a place for improvement) and I've inserted code into file cart-template.liquid