Client checkout shipping location via map pin or something like that in countries without addresses?

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Hey man, as a tico who moved down there in 2017, I can assure you it wont work. I moved back to the US because of it. 

The system is antiquated in CR, and the mail system is some of the worst in the world due to exactly what you said, no real address system in place.

Just forget about even putting the effort in to finding a solution.

Whats worse is, even shipping to the US is a pain, takes 14-25 days to arrive, most my stuff was stolen by shady customs people, then there's receiving mail, which, as im sure youve found out, they arbitrarily charge you whatever tax they want to at customs, It's just s shtshow down there. Absolute 3rd world postal system. 

I ended up shipping my inventory back to the US and having my sister help me shipping stuff out, and costa rican sales, I just did hand to hand meeting up at the central park in whatever town someone wanted something from me in. THATS the only solution I found, and after 2 years of living there, I got fed up, my business took a nosedive because of it, so I left. I now just visit whenever I want but live in the states again.


Also, if you are not a citizen, and you're caught doing something like that..."running a business without going through the proper channels" it's illegal and THEY WILL BAN YOU from the country. Trust me, My friend was caught selling merch in Jaco, a cop placed and order, met up with him, he was booted and never allowed back into CR. So use caution, they dont play games when it comes to you earning a living as a foreigner down there. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TAKING TICO MONEY UNLESS YOU ARE A TICO. 

Best of luck to you, but shopify will NOT ever work for you down there. 

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Could you explain how to automatically fill the address in checkout with coordinates you retrieved from the map?


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I have changed via Javascript the button permalink. And then you use these parameters:

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