Collections have different production times - shipping when cart has items from both?

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For simplicity, our store sells two collections - stuffed animals and blankets. Stuffed animals take 2 weeks to produce while blankets take 5 weeks to produce.


We give customers 3 shipping options for stuffed animals -

1. Standard

2. Express

3. Rush (item gets bumped to front of line)


Two shipping options for blankets -

1. Standard

2. Express


(pictures below)


It's simple enough if a cart has items from just one collection. But if there's a stuffed animal AND blanket, Shopify simply adds the shipping rates together because the shipping names are different in the collections (because we have described the time delay because customers don't read LOL) and just calls it "Shipping". 


We would like a bit more flexibility - defaults to one shipping rate for shipping in 5 weeks time when BOTH items are ready. Customer can select to have their stuffed animal shipped when it is ready, then the blanket later when it is ready, so they would pay $9.95 twice. 


Further complicating things is if the order is over $99 (this example order WAS over $99 for blanket + stuffed animal) then they would get ONE shipping free (so FREE if they wait for whole order to ship at once; or $9.95 if they want them shipped individually when ready). But Shopify viewed each item as its own order so did not award a free shipment.


I assume we can't do this direct in Shopify and need some app or workaround. If anyone has experience with something similar and can suggest something, we'd love to hear. Thank you! 


Our store is


Stuffed Animal ShippingStuffed Animal Shipping

Blanket optionsBlanket options


1 stuffed animal & 1 blanket1 stuffed animal & 1 blanket

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Hi! ShipperHQ can handle almost everything you are looking for.


So first you would set shipping groups, one that has all your Blanket products, and one that has all your Stuffed Animals. Then using the date and time feature, you could set the corresponding lead time to each shipping group. The date and time feature will automatically take that into account, plus the shipping time and provide your customers with an actual estimated delivery date, instead of having to show the production and shipping time ranges.


Then using a merge rule, you could set the shipping to look however you want when there's both a blanket and stuffed animal in the cart. So you could add the two shipping costs together and just show that combined total, or override the cost of one and just show the cost of the other.


You can also set a separate rule to offer free shipping when the cart total hits $99.


The only thing you would not be able to do is offer the option to ship the different products together or separately. You could set it up either way in ShipperHQ, but it would have to be universal. Either they always ship together when both are ready, or they always ship separate. I don't think I've ever seen that option before though, just curious, do customers often choose to have their items shipped separately when ready?