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ive come over from Etsy and have to say whilst Shopify is great, the Etsy shipping profiles are a lot easier to do!


im trying and failing to get my products to combine shipping at checkout.


for example I ship one  small product for £2 and one large product for £10 they are adding together to make £12 shipping. I want them to add together to make only £7 shipping cost. 


Each product is in a different profile just in case that is relevant information. 


Can anyone help please.

Thank you 

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I'm also interested in having a look at the new Shipping Profiles, but not sure if I should convert my account to multi origin shipping, since it can't be undone.


I've been wishing that an ecommerce platform would offer Etsy style shipping profiles for years. I don't know if these new Beta Shipping Profiles will meet the complicated needs that many of us indie seller have.


It doesn't look like we'll get any answers here (I posted a question yesterday and no reply on mine either). Maybe best to contact Shopify support with our questions.

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I have the same question for orders that include multiples. I have a product with a shipping profile for a single product (actually a dozen pieces). But when someone buys two of them (2 dozen), the shipping is twice the shipping cost of one. That's not how the carriers view it. I can combine those two orders and get a cheaper cost than that. Is there a way to do that with profiles?

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Hey @acesongs @Whiteforest @sallytrace,


I'm not sure if you guys are still looking for a solution for this, but if you're open to using a third-party app our system Intuitive Shipping can handle these types of shipping calculations.  In fact, my mother-in-law uses our software to match her Etsy shipping setup.


What you can do is create separate Shipping Scenarios for each product group within our system.  Products can be filters using our flexible conditions system.  You can then create shipping methods based on quantity.  The last step is to combine the shipping costs to present a single shipping charge to the customer.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.





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