Concerned about opening shop, payment holds

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I have a small shop and I used paypal/ etsy.

Paypal was consistently holding my money for weeks on end even though I had a perfect record no disputes, etc. So I wanted to move to shopify.
Etsy Lagged really bad when loading items that my customers were frustrated so I  moved to shopify, my next drop is Wednesday where I'll upload my work everyone will come on buy and than thats it for the next two weeks. 

I messaged customer service prior to this asking how long they hold funds for when a new member signs up Rebecca at customer service on facebook told me it was nothing to worry about and that its only held at most 1 business day if shopify needs information.

Well I come to find out just days before my shops launch this forum where numerous people are reporting that after your first few sales they require a BUNCH of information from you and hold payments up to 190 days!!!

Why the no transparency?

I messaged shopifys facebook customer service again and showed all this information and asked if I could start submitting my information now instead of waiting until my shop opens, to ask how long for sure my payments would be held

Mark , has consistency beat around the bush saying he cannot take my information now and theres no way to do it, and that he doesnt know how long my payments will be held.

Im a small handmade business, I cant afford to have payments held for 190 days.

Why is there no transparency? I just want to know the truth and know what Im getting into I am paying for the service.