Concerns about after sales follow-up for dropshipping and promotions

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Hi all, I'm just starting to setup my first personal shopify e-store based on dropshipping and there're a couple of concerns which are nagging me particularly on the after sales part:
1/ Purchase/shipment status update emails - I have purchased some products from my dropshipping suppliers to first experience it as a customer myself. Thereafter, I realized I'm receiving many emails after the purchases are confirmed such as payment confirmation, shipment status, etc. I understand when I become the middle person selling those products to my end customers, these emails will be flowing to me instead. How am I going to handle all these status updates for each of my customer? Is there an automated way to do this via email forwarding especially when the sales volume increases?

2/ Returns - So if the customer wishes to return a product due to defects or wrong items, I suppose they will have to send the goods to my personal home address? Then in turn I'll have to return these faulty items to the rightful suppliers in order to demand for the refunds so that I can then process it for my customers? Which is the most efficient way as they can't possibly reach out directly to my suppliers?

On a separate note, how do I add a promotion such as 20%/$XXX off for new customers in my e-store?


I hope I could get these queries clarified before I officially launch hence any advice is well appreciated.
BIG TX in advance!!! =)