Conditional payment based on shipping method

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Hello all,

I'm trying to show only certain payment methods based on the shipping method selected. 

I tried to find a solution but still don't see a possibility. 

I have read other posts also , in the past some coding did the trick but not possible any more.

Is that true? Is there no way to exclude some payment methods based on the shipping method selected?


The concept is:

I have in my cart a product costing 10$.

On shipping step: a choice is to be delivered with courier(+5$) and pay for the product upon deliveey directly to the courier which costs another 2$.

In total 10+5+2. This is shown corectly on shipping method selection step.

In the next step it is not nice to see all possible payment methods, for example  possible selection for credit card payment (this would be a possible selection if the product would be payed via credit in advance of delivery).

Does anyone know how to solve this?


Thanks in advance guys....



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If you are on Plus, you can use Scripts to modify the payment gateways:

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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I cannot understand why shopify has not fixed this issue yet. 
It is a common demand from many persons. And so many others that just skip Shopify and go for another platform.

Hey Shopify, Are you gonna fix this?

Please respond once clearly for all those persons asking again and again for it.