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I just set up my shop today.  I'm confused about shipping profiles.  Maybe I messed up the settings?  I only want to ship domestically, but I don't understand the rates.  I sell vintage goods, so each item I sell will have a different size box/different weight.  What is the best way to set up shipping?  With Etsy, it defaults to USPS where I measure the size of the box/weigh the box for shipping.  I'm confused?  Can someone help?

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Shipping profiles can be used if you want to set up rates for each product or a collection. Head to Settings --> Shipping --> "Custom Shipping Rates for products". Here, you can add the products and set up the rates based on the order price or the item weight. You can also set up free shipping based on these conditions.


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You can look into this post for more information regarding the shipping profiles:


Now, you can add different boxes in Shopify packages based on your product and set a box as default. The weight and dimensions of the default package are used when calculating shipping rates at checkout.


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Since your products have different sizes, I hope the default package option won't work. This may give you incorrect rates. So, a better option would be to use an app like the Multi Carrier Shipping Label that helps you add custom boxes based on your product weight & dimensions and automatically select the correct box based on your product to calculate the shipping rates accurately. The app helps you integrate with USPS as well and automate the calculation of the rates accordingly.

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