Consumer Refund Question Here... From a Consumer

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I ordered a product from a company that uses Shopify to process their payments. This company strung me along for many months. Every line in the book, but I was patient and showed trust in the company. Long story short, I never got my product and I'm out $1,100.00 now. My bank contacted the company and claims that the company refuses to issue a refund. I've since sent a complaint to the BBB, FTC, and have opened another dispute on the transaction with my credit card provider. Now, I would think this sort of behavior would go against the core values of a company like Shopify. Perhaps someone in this community could shed some light on this particular subject. I'd love to hear it from the merchant side. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind hearing from Shopify regarding their policy on fraudulent merchants and the actions they take to combat issues like this.

Thank you.