Conversion from Etsy: Shipping issues

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Hi all,


I am moving over from Etsy and I'm having a lot of issues with shipping - so much so I'm ready to throw in the towel and go back to Etsy.


First of all, Shopify imported everything as a digital item, which is so idiotic that I am STUNNED! I did find a way to manually fix it without editing each and every item, but it's going to be a total waste of time if the other problem can't be fixed.


In Etsy, I have two shipping profiles, one for small items and one for large. For small items, the first item is set to charge a flat $4 for shipping for the first item and an additional $.35 for each additional item. The large items are set to charge $6 no matter how many items they order. This is based roughly on weight and the size/cost of the packaging and this has worked super well for over 5000 orders on Etsy.


However, there seems to be no way at all for me to set up a default shipping profile and just add that to all the items in a category (a "collection"). Instead, Shopify wants me to either set it up as "amount spent" or "by weight". There's no other way. Amount spent won't work. Some of the small handmade items are 1 ounce, yet they cost $50-75. Charging $15 for shipping would be robbery for the customers. Yet other things weigh a pound or more, so I can't charge $5 since I will be out $10 on the shipping. Or more, if it's international. 


So "by weight" seems the ONLY way open. However, I have no desire to manually package and weigh every single item in my over 200 item store. I sell buttons, which are only packaged once I know how many sets of ten someone orders. The first set of 10 weighs more than the second set. It doesn't come with double packaging. No, I do not know which buttons are the heaviest. I'd have to package and weigh them all to know. They vary wildly from a couple of grams for 10 of them to 40-50 grams for ten of them. 


Can anyone tell me if it is at all possible to do it the way I want, as above, and not by $$ or weight? If it's not possible, I am not interested in arguments as to why the way I already do it and want to keep doing it is wrong, and why shipping by weight or order amount is the way, the truth, and the light.