Creating a unique code on the customer receipt for each unique purchase

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Hello there

Hope all is well. 

I am looking for a bit of help that Shopify cannot help with if possible, just a very small task. 

Firstly we are a Groupon style store which operates across the North East of England. 

We have a new offer for a client. They need their own custom codes set up for every time a customer pays for a product. Currently we use the order number as the unique code which is sent on the customer receipt. However as mentioned they have their own codes which are unique and need to be used for each individual purchase. 

The price point of this offer is going to be very low (£3) so we anticipate lots of sales which makes doing it manually almost a non option as it would be VERY time consuming not to mention that say 1,000 were sold we would need to focus on this almost 24/7 and send 1,000 individual emails out which is not realistic. 

Is there a way you could help out, we have all the codes in excel but cannot figure a way to either send a second automated email with the code on it for this one product/offer or code to get these voucher codes on the receipt?

If you could help that would be great as we are hopefully looking to launch for Thursday. 

Speak soon

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Chris!

This is something you can do with Javascript (generating random numbers: but would take some working with a developer or a Shopify Expert.

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Hey Chris, 
I'm working on exactly the same problem. How did you solve yours?

Happy to hear from you!